:dealwithitparrot: WTS Abyssal Damage Control (Cormack based)

The module for sale is as follows:

What ship hull tankes and uses such an expensive dcu?


hulltank molok


Hello there

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1) Advantage of meta 15 - 17 ‘top tier’ DCUs

The two main reasons why meta 15 - 17 DCUs - such as the Cormack’s which I mutated - support such high prices - circa 50B per piece - is because 1) they are rare, and 2) they provide notably large armor and shield resistance advantages relative to other DCUs. The difference between these resistances on a faction DCU and a meta 15 - 17 DCU are staggering, please check for yourself. This translates to a large increase in tank for armor or shield super capitals.

2) RE What ships would use such an expensive DCU?

This roll is quite rare and so the value of the resultant module should be based on a multiple of the base cost. In short the price will be quite a large number and I am not expecting to be able to sell it due to this. The only ships that would be suitable are faction titans etc, and the only purchasers that would be suitable would be very rich pilots that not only can use this module but also would like the prestige of owning it.

3) Very high value module, possibly highest in game for some time

I doubt we will see a flurry of Cormack rollers any time soon. With my roll being somewhere in the region of a 1 in 20 roll (the other 19 being bricks), and with the price of failure being set at 50B isk per role, to plan to even match my roll would require buying 20 Cormack DCUs for 1T isk and rolling all 20. this module might be the best and most expensive module in game for some time to come. Famous last words?

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This is one of those mods that would be nice to have, but I don’t think @Dark_Magni and a buyer will ever come together on a price.

I’m personally interested but the prospect of spending 12 digits on a a DCU doesn’t appeal to me right now. I’d rather put the isk on a 2nd faction titan.

Good luck with the sale


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Still for sale

Module is linked on my bio in game if you want to play.

No fake bids here boys

The module was already 50BIL before the roll

Couple of mails responded to.

PM me to discuss

Just to give up a heads up and why it is in gernal bad to roll damage controls and why the previous poster wrote that it’s no use.
As you probably know mutating a damange control can only modify hull resistence. Why do you buy officer dcu after all? Simpy because they have a significant better shield and armor resis and people are normally using that ■■■■ for their supers or titans. But they don’t really give a damn about the officer mods hull resi simply because there is no super, no titan with hull tank bonus. If you are in hull with a super or a titan that’s the time when you are saying good bye to your ship because you will be dead in seconds regardless of how high your resi is (simply because your hull hitpoints are damn low). If someone surpassed your armor or shield tank than he has to bring a respectful amount of dps. So rolling a dcu doesn’t really make that much sense because it only is intersting for ships with hull tank bonuses…
And I barly can belive that someone would put such an expensive item on one of those few hull tank subcaps xD.
If you feel the need to do that mostly useless roll which only a handful of subcaps are really benefitting from you should probably do it with maximum a faction mod. Because those few hull tank subcaps do not really need the offi shield and armor extra values because those few hull tank subcaps normally do not push their shield or armor resis.
The only reason why someone would buy this is because is simply has too much money and yolos 200b subcaps on a daily basis and I think those guys are super rare.
Just my two cents.


That looks like a lot more than 2 cents and you are forgetting the price premium on faction titans and the reason people buy them. Swag, not their marginally increased performance compared to their non faction counterparts.

0/10 for logic.

Youre saying that as buffing the hull resistances on an officer dcu adds little value in your opinion, then it isnt worth the roll. This is irrational, see below.

This means for your opinion about officer dcu hull resistances to be consistent, bricking the hull resistances would thus subtract little value, and as I chose the gravid mutaplasmid which has 66% chance to buff rather than brick each resistance, rolling does add net value no matter how unreasonably little you value hull resistances.

So your thinking is inconsistent and irrational.

I, on the other hand, am clearly rational.

Any more amateur logicians want to take a swing?

Sale continues

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I’m going to take a gentle swing :slight_smile:

I do agree with the previous posters, but it’s because Abyssal DCUs are a bit pointless at the moment and CCP needs to take a look at them and which stats get improved when you mutate. Being able to modify only Hull doesn’t do these new mutaplasmids any justice, it should include Armor and Shields too. Personally, I wouldn’t risk a good Officer DCU on a roll.

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