WTS Cormack DCU

(Auran Glimmer) #1

Best damage control in the game. Asking price 39b, eight billion below jita sell. Post here or evemail me.

(Space Homey) #2

Really friendly bump, want to tell you that Cormack/Unit-W DCU routinely sell for 30-35b on here. Good luck.

(Auran Glimmer) #3

Bump. I know some people are OK with taking 102% of jita buy, that doesn’t mean I’m gonna :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, I’ve lowered the buyout to 40, and I’m happy to hear offers.

(Auran Glimmer) #4

Bump. Still for sale.

(Auran Glimmer) #5

Bump, still for sale

(Space Homey) #6

I’ll offer 30, but if you’re really wanting 40b you’re better off undercutting Jita prices by 3-4b and hoping it sells.

(The Keepstar) #7

35 billion isk

(Auran Glimmer) #8

Already rejected two 35b offers in-game, sorry :slight_smile:

We’re getting there, but I’m hoping for a bit more.

(Auran Glimmer) #9

Bump, still available.

(Auran Glimmer) #10

Bump. Still on sale, still the only one on sale for less than 47b. Kit out your Vanquisher today!

(Auran Glimmer) #11

Bumping again. Still the only one you can get for less than jita sells.

(Auran Glimmer) #12


(Auran Glimmer) #13

Back to the top. Buyout’s lowered to 39b.

(Auran Glimmer) #14

Daily bump.

(system) #15

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