WTS Cormack DCU

Best damage control in the game. Asking price 39b, eight billion below jita sell. Post here or evemail me.

Really friendly bump, want to tell you that Cormack/Unit-W DCU routinely sell for 30-35b on here. Good luck.

Bump. I know some people are OK with taking 102% of jita buy, that doesn’t mean I’m gonna :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, I’ve lowered the buyout to 40, and I’m happy to hear offers.

Bump. Still for sale.

Bump, still for sale

I’ll offer 30, but if you’re really wanting 40b you’re better off undercutting Jita prices by 3-4b and hoping it sells.

35 billion isk

Already rejected two 35b offers in-game, sorry :slight_smile:

We’re getting there, but I’m hoping for a bit more.

Bump, still available.

Bump. Still on sale, still the only one on sale for less than 47b. Kit out your Vanquisher today!

Bumping again. Still the only one you can get for less than jita sells.


Back to the top. Buyout’s lowered to 39b.

Daily bump.

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