Officer Level Abyssal Damage Control for Sale 1 billion

Do you own a super capital ship and want an officer damage control but not the price? I have jsut the thing for you! I got super lucky and rolled a damage control that has 3 resistance BETTER than Cormack’s modified damage control ( the best damage control ). It will only cost you 1 billion isks.

Here is the stats for my damage control
Here is the stats for a Cormack’s modified damage control

The only resistance not up-to standard is the kinetic resistance but who is shooting you with primarily kinetic damage anyways? It’s not those feroxes, leshaks, naglfars or revelations. All of those resistances are covered.

Why pay for purple when red is better?

The item is up on contract under Mike Anthunt. If you want a personal contract, message me here or in-game.

its not about hull resis what makes officer DCU so expensive , its the additional armor resis… thats why your t2 roll is way worse and no one will fit that on a titan… and its way to expensive for a hull tanked ship like a brutix

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