130M SP 2003 character with excellent Subcap and Cap skills. amazing all around PVP toon

(Jyanfisk) #1

No longer available

(Nickolas Arnold Nacar) #2

100b for the character

(Jyanfisk) #3

This is an 2003 toon with a great KB…Bump

(Jyanfisk) #4

Still for sale this is good chance to get a really old toon with a great name…and Rare ships used.

(Jyanfisk) #5

Daily bump Still available

(Jyanfisk) #6

bump for a great pilot

(Jyanfisk) #7

bump still available

(JimmyJJ McMillan) #8

105b awesome killboard. I Don’t want to see this toon stripped.

(Jyanfisk) #9

Buyout lowered to 125B this is a great character

(Jazmine Khardula) #10

wish I could afford this toon

(Jyanfisk) #11

he has a ton of great skills and I have dropped the buyout price to 125b

(Jyanfisk) #12

Still available

(system) #13

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