Share and care - lmk what you’re also looking for.

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This is my Indy char, PI could be done but more focused on indy and reactions. Can also fly DST. Im a lil strict on the prise tho. Would not sell it under 13 billion to be honest


Looking for 4B.

Too low SP - looking for 20M SP+

Haven’t gotten him ready for sale, but its my indy toon I no longer use.

Has t2 skills, can fly a cloaky hauler, has perfect scanning skills etc.

Hoping to get north of 20b for him. Not in a hurry to sell, this will be the first attempt to even sell him at this point. Thanks

I’d be open to purchase - 20B flat


20B b/o… not super interested in selling him but thats my price. PW 4321


I’m selling my alt


Look at my Characters I’m selling on market if interested please respond on my thread

to da tahp

to da tahp

you still looking to ofload/


How about me EveSkillboard - Massilius

fluffy stuff = 2003 character, body re-sculpt, tidy corp history.

skills = 17.7m SP, Max PI planets, light industry + reprocess + mining (gas huff etc), also can scan ok and fly DST/Blockade runners.

Also 3 bonus remaps available.

Would be looking for 20bn

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