14.9 Million SP Charon/Rhea Pilot with Market Skills

Selling 14.9 Million SP Charon and Rhea (Jump Freighter) pilot with great market skills. This character also flies tech 2 Minmatar haulers and has jump drive calibration 5.


Bid Starting at 13 billion.

9.5 b

Thank you for the offer, but check out the market skills and I have a couple skins.



10 bil sadly the character isnt worth as much as you want to start :confused:

10.5 bil, just to be sure you’re standing with any faction arn’t worth mentioning right?

That is correct. He was always just a hauler so shouldn’t have much standing one way or the other to speak of.

11 bil

I’ll do the 11 bil for this character, Intriguing_Stranger.

Sure, give me a few minutes

Character has been sold to Intriguing Stranger.

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