[SOLD} Perfect Rhea (Caldari) Jump Freighter Pilot - 21.4M SP

Buyout: 20B
Considering Offers above 18B


  1. No Kill Rights, Positive Wallet Balance, Positive Security Status, Born 2017-07-03
  2. Perfect Rhea (Mastery V) and Charon (Mastery V)
  3. Planetary Interaction earner: Command Center Upgrades and Interplanetary Upgrades at Level 5
  4. Comes with +3 Set of Implants

Will pay transfer fee in Cash and Transfer to NPC Corp

Main reason for transfer: I’ve moved into WH Space with my main and no longer require JF/Freighter services; looking to migrate towards a Orca/Rorq or Carrier Pilot instead.

I can log in in about 2.5 hours to send the money.

Edit: in order to follow the selling rules, the character have to be in NPC corp, and you must tell about killright/sec status.

My offer assume a positive sec status (or very close to) and no killright

Positive Sec, no Kill Right, can transfer to NPC Corp.

What do you think about my offer?
Oh, and are you paying the transfert with Plex or with real money?

Bump: Character still for sale, 20B Buyout.

Daily Bump.

Daily Bump

Daily Bump

Offer still available

19b offer

I need this character, so 20b if we can finish the trade ?

I’d accept that offer Aatowa, send ISK and Account Info and I’ll get the transfer started.

ISK and account name sent.

Confirming ISK Received, Account Transfer has been started to account name sent and character has been moved to NPC Corp and hosted in Jita.

Thank you very much !

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