[SOLD} Perfect Rhea (Caldari) Jump Freighter Pilot - 21.4M SP

(Danni Cavalera) #1

Buyout: 20B
Considering Offers above 18B


  1. No Kill Rights, Positive Wallet Balance, Positive Security Status, Born 2017-07-03
  2. Perfect Rhea (Mastery V) and Charon (Mastery V)
  3. Planetary Interaction earner: Command Center Upgrades and Interplanetary Upgrades at Level 5
  4. Comes with +3 Set of Implants

Will pay transfer fee in Cash and Transfer to NPC Corp

Main reason for transfer: I’ve moved into WH Space with my main and no longer require JF/Freighter services; looking to migrate towards a Orca/Rorq or Carrier Pilot instead.

(Daniela dela Mancha) #2

I can log in in about 2.5 hours to send the money.

Edit: in order to follow the selling rules, the character have to be in NPC corp, and you must tell about killright/sec status.

My offer assume a positive sec status (or very close to) and no killright

(Danni Cavalera) #3

Positive Sec, no Kill Right, can transfer to NPC Corp.

(Daniela dela Mancha) #4

What do you think about my offer?
Oh, and are you paying the transfert with Plex or with real money?

(Danni Cavalera) #7

Bump: Character still for sale, 20B Buyout.

(Danni Cavalera) #8

Daily Bump.

(Danni Cavalera) #9

Daily Bump

(Danni Cavalera) #10

Daily Bump

(Daniela dela Mancha) #11

Offer still available

(Jonathan Bercow) #12

19b offer

(Aatowa Skjiem) #13

I need this character, so 20b if we can finish the trade ?

(Danni Cavalera) #14

I’d accept that offer Aatowa, send ISK and Account Info and I’ll get the transfer started.

(Aatowa Skjiem) #15

ISK and account name sent.

(Danni Cavalera) #16

Confirming ISK Received, Account Transfer has been started to account name sent and character has been moved to NPC Corp and hosted in Jita.

(Danni Cavalera) #17

(Aatowa Skjiem) #18

Thank you very much !