WTS focussed rhea pilot (sold) please delete or close

selling a focussed rhea pilot


9.8 mil sp (now 10,381,330)
500k unallocated (you could inject and train any freighter from 1 to 4)

  • 5 implant set
    located npc corp highsec
    positive wallet
    no killrights
    clean killboard
    all cpp’s rules aply

i do keep the right to cancel the auction if reserve is not met

12 bil bid
17 bil buy out

6 bil

10 bil

daily bump

daily bumpatronical dancefestival

daily bump still for sale

daily bump

daily bump stil lfor sale

daily bump

still selling?
11b ready

offer recalled since seller gives no response

bump and if you make it 12 im willing to let it go :slight_smile:
sicne the transaction is with $ instead of plex

12 b ready

oke i accept it

waiting for isk and details (details by ingame mail pls)

isk sent, and accept account info sent by in-game mail


working on it sigh ccp makes it harder than it has to be by not givign the ideal option here

payement is done will link the confirmation here when i receave the mail and you should also receave a mail shortly

Character Transfer Initiated

Dear xxxxx

You have chosen to transfer the character not here just-ignore to the account named xxxxxx

We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.

ok :grinning:

transfer completed. The account is well received. :smile:

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