WTS 8.7Mil Rhea Jump Freighter Pilot

Echo NO8:Rhea ready pilot


Unallocated SP:575000



No Kill Rights, No Employment History,Positive Wallet Balance, No Remap

Positive Security Status,Located in High-Secin ,NPC corp,with basic Implants

Starting Bid : 9B

Buyout: 12B

Will pay transfer fee in Cash

Confirm i am for sale

bump bump

daily bump

come on guys,any offer

7b :skull_and_crossbones:

thx for your bid, but i prefer to wait for any higher than 9b

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good luck

The problem is your char id too far to carriers/dreadnought. I think you can get 8 or 9b, but more is not realistic.

thx :slight_smile:

What you said makes sense, but considering the price of plex and large injector right now, I think if it is less than 9 billion, I would rather extract the skills to sell since that is more easy and quickly. I am not anxious to sell ,you know i sold an Amarr JF toon for 11 billion so I believe that people who need it will give me the price I need.Anyway, thank you for your concern.

9b and i’ll take it

waiting for higher bidding

negotiation about my offer is fully welcomed:)

sorry,i was at work before. thx for your bid,9b is all right.please send the isk and account info to Echo NO8,i will transfer soon.

Thx for your reply, it’s my first time actually. Does that mean i transfer isk to Echo NO8 in-game?

yes,also send the account ID which you want the character be transfered to

sure, i am currently at work, so i will finish it tonight.

please post here after you sent

Isk transferred and account has been emailed to you