WTS 8.7Mil Rhea Jump Freighter Pilot

(Silvery Snail) #1

Echo NO8:Rhea ready pilot


Unallocated SP:575000



No Kill Rights, No Employment History,Positive Wallet Balance, No Remap

Positive Security Status,Located in High-Secin ,NPC corp,with basic Implants

Starting Bid : 9B

Buyout: 12B

Will pay transfer fee in Cash

(ECHO NO8) #2

Confirm i am for sale

(Silvery Snail) #3

bump bump

(Silvery Snail) #4

daily bump

(Silvery Snail) #5

come on guys,any offer

(Kataxthonios) #6

7b :skull_and_crossbones:

(Silvery Snail) #7

thx for your bid, but i prefer to wait for any higher than 9b

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(Kataxthonios) #8

good luck

(Operator 21) #9

The problem is your char id too far to carriers/dreadnought. I think you can get 8 or 9b, but more is not realistic.

(Silvery Snail) #10

thx :slight_smile:

(Silvery Snail) #11

What you said makes sense, but considering the price of plex and large injector right now, I think if it is less than 9 billion, I would rather extract the skills to sell since that is more easy and quickly. I am not anxious to sell ,you know i sold an Amarr JF toon for 11 billion so I believe that people who need it will give me the price I need.Anyway, thank you for your concern.

(Sirius Void) #12

9b and i’ll take it

(Sirius Void) #13

waiting for higher bidding

(Sirius Void) #14

negotiation about my offer is fully welcomed:)

(Silvery Snail) #15

sorry,i was at work before. thx for your bid,9b is all right.please send the isk and account info to Echo NO8,i will transfer soon.

(Sirius Void) #16

Thx for your reply, it’s my first time actually. Does that mean i transfer isk to Echo NO8 in-game?

(Silvery Snail) #17

yes,also send the account ID which you want the character be transfered to

(Sirius Void) #18

sure, i am currently at work, so i will finish it tonight.

(Silvery Snail) #19

please post here after you sent

(Sirius Void) #20

Isk transferred and account has been emailed to you