WTS close to perfect rhea pilot , 15.5m sp


(DontBeFooledByTheRocks) #1


jump freighter 5, all 3jump skills are 5, freighter is only 4,decent support skills

char is in perimeter or jita, has positive wallet and currently on perc/will remap with 3 remaps avail. 2 +4 clones

bid away

(Josh Shihari) #2

What price are you looking for? Do you have a buy out?

(Josh Shihari) #4

They are genuine questions!

(DontBeFooledByTheRocks) #5


(Ebenizer) #6

I offer 12.5b

(DontBeFooledByTheRocks) #7

13b and its yours

(Ebenizer) #8

done 13 b it is then

(DontBeFooledByTheRocks) #9

send isk and acc name when ready, ill make petition to transfer @Ebenizer

(Ebenizer) #10

Isk and information on account sent.

(DontBeFooledByTheRocks) #11

made petition

(Ebenizer) #12

Character transfered. Thank you for the buisness

(system) #13

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