1CINC - The First Cavalry Interstellar Naval Company - Age 17+ Open Recruitment

The First Cavalry Interstellar Naval Company - 1CINC

About the Corp: Established 7/12/2018

The First Cavalry Interstellar Naval Company is part of The First Cavalry Multi-Gaming Community.
The First Cavalry is a Multi-Gaming Community. It’s members play various games at various times. Our Main Games Consist of DayZ, Arma, PUBG and as well as other games but not quite popular to consider main games.

We are looking for new or experience players that are looking for a mature community of gamer’s.

We operate in two time zones. BST time(Primary) and EDT time(Secondary).

Currently Operating in HighSec for Mining, Industry, Research & Trade.
We have a sister corp for PvP.
Both do PvP but each focuses more on the other.

mention the @eve-online role in our #eve-general channel to get a hold of anyone of us.

Check out our Website http://www.thefirstcav.com
Join our Discord Server https://discord.gg/WVVFGzx
If you agree to our Rules, Join here http://www.thefirstcav.com/enlist

Frei Ygael - {SSG} Man Face on Discord

We are still looking for New Players that would want to join us in HighSec Mining.

We do have a Sister Corp that focuses on PvP.

Edited the main post.


We are fairly new Corporation in EVE. We work under two Corporations, both act as one but focuses more in PvP and Industry.

We offer HighSec Mining for our Industrial corp. We will teach you Skills to train, ships to plan for and other details.

We offer Wormhole training in our PvP corp. We will teach you the Skill you need for Wormhole Nav, Fleet Comms, Fleet Movement and other Details.

Feel free to join our Discord and talk to SSG Man Face aka Frei Ygael


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