1M ISK Skin Auctions including rare skins including Ikitursa All-Stars Casino Clash SKIN Jita buy at 9bn

Check char name,
Brewlar Kuvakei
For auctioned skins at Jita, skins can be used remotely by the way.

Buzzard Yoiul Star SKIN
Erebus Federal Police SKIN
Erebus Inner Zone Vanguard SKIN
Gila Abyssal Darkfield SKIN
Gila Dragon Phoenix SKIN
Hurricane Fleet Issue In Rust We Trust SKIN
Hyperion Federal Police SKIN
Ikitursa All-Stars Casino Clash SKIN Ikitursa Liminal Crossings SKIN
Ishtar Federal Police SKIN
Kronos Federal Police SKIN
Men’s ‘Rider’ Pants (white gold)
Nergal Liminal Crossings SKIN
Revelation Lavacore Imperial SKIN
Revelation Sarum SKIN
Vexor Navy Issue Federal Police SKIN

& PM Brewlar Kuvakei for more rare skins & clothes, I want rid of em.

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jita buy for ikitursa casino is 13b, you might wanna fill it

You might wanna buy these skins for a few million and fill it yourself then.

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i think you misunderstood me. Either way the order was filled and the sellorder is now at 13b instead.

The auction ends tonight,

The items is locked into the auction & there is no reserve, the price is at 9.6bn currently, I am not shady, so will not buy it out. The previous buy orders at 13bn has been taken down probably by the top bidder in my auction. Anything less than 15bn will be profit to them.

There are plenty of my other auctions that are going to go for low, I want rid of these skins, they were just speculative investments that have not gone as high as I wished, managing their sale on the market was not something I was gonna wanna do so if they auction for less than Jita sell I am still happy, the others are still silly low and someone is bound to get a bargain but meh, lets see how competitive the auction is at closing time.


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