All Skins located in Jita 4-4

Im not firesaleing these, means you wont get a crazy half of Jita Price discount. Im willing to give you a small save up on the cheapest Jita Sale Order but it always depends ofc on the Skin you may wanna buy and ofc how many Skins you going to take.

All details on prices will be depending on the Price that Day


Serpentis Victory SKIN
1 1 23.860.000.000,00 ISK Perimeter - Tranquility Trading Tower 86d 5h 39m 11s

i would get after taxes for this one 23,084b

so this one i would give on Private Contract you for 22,5 b ISK, you save basically one Month worth of Plex and i save the Sale Taxes.

For questions and Price requests i would much more prefer if you Contact me on Discord, cause that one will be way more often getting checked by me then this Forums.
here the Contactinformation:
Yasemin Hanim#5976

otherwise feel free to bombard me ingame : Yasemin Hanim <— :blush:

Btw. Im also open for offers :kissing_heart:

How much for all your blossom skins ?


https://i.imgur.com/Ploxetw.png this are current Jita Prices.

theres none of the EREBUS Blossom SKIN (this i want if you buy alone 20b)

if you would buy all i would charge for the Bus skin around 15b. which would make around 50b for all skins togheter. Including as a little gift Dramiel Eros Blossom (which isnt on this List, but i have that aswell)

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could you send me an ingame appraisal link to kingarthgur76 thanks

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