2 way recruitment topic [Closed]

1st the corporation recruitment topic :

The Engineer Corp. [ENGW] is a PVE Corp, heavy into missions, research, invention, and production.
We are based in the Genesis region, primarily around the Nazdir Constellation (Ahbazon, Atreen, Cleyd, Lor, Shera, Vecamia).

Even if we are a small, and rather old corporation by EVE standards, we are new player friendly.
Join with your Alpha and we will help you get settled in the EVE Universe.

We have a 5% corp. tax, for this fee the following hangars are free-for-all:

  • Equipment
  • Ammunition and Drones
  • Basic Implants (Attribute enhancers)

Productions from the Corp blueprints are available, either you bring your own materials, or you pay the production costs.

Please consider contacting our recruiter (me) before sending an application.
We would like to know what you expect from EVE, and especially what you expect from joining ENGW.

2nd recruitment topic - looking for corp :

Since ENGW is very small (only 2 active persons at the moment), 1 old player is looking for other playmates :slight_smile:
He has been around since 2004, on/off over the years, but has still managed to accumulate 168m SP.
Has tried most features in the game, and is NOT very keen on PVP, Alliances, and other corp politics - been there long time ago and got the t-shirt… bla blah blah.

Most of his PI and other industry is based around the Nazdir Constellation, 7-8 jumps from Amarr system.
So looking for a corp in the proximity.
Based in EU TZ, heavy into industry and lvl 4 missions, and can fly most ships sub capitals + freighter.
Don’t mine anymore, but am willing to join corp mining missions.

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