Returning Player/Industry Noob - Looking for a Corporation (Industry Focus)

Good Evening All,

To start with, I’m from the UK and usually active between 16:00 and 22:00 Eve time. As with most people. I do have commitments outside of the game, so I wont be on every day of the week, but I would still consider myself reasonably active.

I have returned to EVE after many years away from the game and I’m looking to join a corporation to call home. I will likely need to be treat as a newbie, especially when it comes to all things industry, as its an area of EVE I never delved into during my adventures in New Eden all those years ago.

I’m looking for a patient group who can support me in learning this seemingly complex career. For the time being, I’m wanting to start with some basic manufacturing (Including PI), but over time would love to get involved with more advanced projects!

While not currently my focus, I am definitely interested in other areas of EVE. Getting involved in PVP is certainly something I would like to learn and get involved in at some point, so a corporation who can offer some variety is certainly a bonus.

I have started a brand new character, where I have invested a modest amount of skill points and ISK from my old character, just to give myself a bit of a head start with basic skills.

Kind Regards,
Amory (Josh)

we are an indy/pve corp located out in catch and querious. join our discord and chat to see if we are a fit for you REPZ

Here’s a post with some info about ourselves, come check us out :slight_smile:

Hello @Amory_Afterman - I think you may be a good fit for our corp. We have EU players in our alliance as well as newer and older players too. We provide a wonderful space to learn and grow with access to just about every activity in the game. We don’ t have fleet or PVP obligations but we do have access to those activities if, and when, it may interest you. Please read more about us below and let me know if you have any questions.

DE is an experienced Nullsec Indy group, we can help you get back into things and teach you anything you want to learn. I recently came back to the game a couple months ago and fell in with a great bunch of people, really helpful and fun, combined that with some of my old friends from back in the day and we got a good thing going now. We could use more people willing to help with corp build projects and there are plenty of opportunities to learn PvP with some really excellent fleet ops and fleet commanders in our coalition. Our area has great ratting, moons are public, mining is good and still plenty of resources for PI. We are very active in your TZ.

I think you would like us. Feel free to hop in our Discord Dangerous Enterprises or join channel Dangerous.Pub for a chat. o7

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