Join us, be DANGEROUS in NullSec! Indy/PvP/PvE 24/7


We are a NullSec based Corporation - In the We Form Blob alliance and B3 Coalition

Accepting Miners, Builders, Crabbers, Explorers and PvP’ers <
We are a 24/7 corporation! Primarily English but we have members who also speak Spanish, German, Polish and more!

Hundreds of Active Members within the B3 Coalition to fly with!

Membership Benefits:
-Many people will tell you this but we actually understand that Real Life happens :+1:
-Public Moon and other Mining, Public space, no being run off out of a renter system :first_quarter_moon_with_face:
-Regular large fleet, capital and supercapital fleets :boxing_glove:
-Small gang, blops, recon, whaling :fist_right:
-Great Ratting/Crabbing and Mining space :moneybag:
-Ship Replacement for doctrine fits on fleet ops :white_check_mark:
-An exceptional leadership core with decades of combined experience in Eve :sunglasses:
-A friendly, helpful, fun and relaxed environment :100:
-Corp mining ops with boosts. other ops and events :money_mouth_face:
-A Robust and ever growing Blueprint collection to access :newspaper:
-Multi-tiered building programs- T1, Invention, Reactions, T2 and Capital production
-Excellent Jump Freighter services :ship:
-Dividends paid periodically for corp participation :red_gift_envelope:


Age 18+ / Omega Main / 5million + Skill Points / Voice Comms (Mumble/Discord) / Register with Coalition / 3 Coalition FATs per month

We are newbro friendly and can help with everything from builds, guides, hints, tactics and hands on training.

Join Dangerous.Pub channel in-game or our Discord at Dangerous Enterprises for a chat and more info.


Lana Lana Lanaaaaaaaaaaa, What?!? Danger Zone!

Corp zKill: Dangerous Enterprises | Corporation | zKillboard

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Recruiting is still open!

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