Flying Dangerous is recruiting Corporations and Capsuleers for SOV Null PVP!


As proud members of the TI.RE/FI.RE coalition, Flying Dangerous is a community that has existed in some form for the past 15 years. We like blowing up spaceships and doing it with class.

We also like to make isk and have plenty of space to do it! We live in Tenerifis and are mostly active in the AUTZ. We are however, looking to expand our US and EUTZ.

What we offer:

-Access to all coalition content from small gang roams all the way up to big fleet fights.
-Fully upgraded systems for ratting.
-A dedicated system for industry.
-5 R64 Fracks/Month including several other R32 and R16 Moons.
-Buyback program for all moon goo.
-No FAT/PAP requirements.
-A relaxed culture: if you want to take a fleet out, go for it!

What we’re looking for:

-Corporations and pilots of any persuasion who want to live with us in Nullsec and experience all of the content and challenge that come with it!
-High-Sec corporations interested in establishing a “pipeline” relationship with Flying Dangerous. We’ll give you free T1 cruisers you can use for your fleets out of any of our High-Sec bases.

Join us in our Discord here: FIGL

or, join our in-game recruitment channel “Relaxed Recruitment”

Fly Dangerous!

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