$2000 Floating Nyx a CCP Scam?

Remember this from years ago. A giant magnetic floating Super Nyx. Was shown at fanfest too.

Seems like it is years behind schedule and they are keeping the non-refundable downpayment deposits??!

Like Star Citizen?

Is this a ccp scam??


ISD EDIT: Read this Post regarding this topic.

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I don’t think CCP has anything to do with this guy. I think he is making his own models and selling it.

CCP was pimping it at fanfest 2014 and everyone seemed to love it. unfortunately at that time there was no pricing info, and well, the price is something like 5-10 times what people were expecting. at ■■■■■■■ 2k a pop I’m expecting something like 10 sales.

If you paid with a credit card, demand a charge back now.


How long has that thing been around for pre-orders, can you even do a charge back on something that old!?


Seems you were CSM during this. Sooooooo interesting the Ex-CSM dude that was privy to CCPs secret info at the time is now advisoring us to charge back???


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Fake news

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Yeah it’s a scam. Too late to charge back at this stage. He has likely moved on to something else and changed address.

There is no time limit on charge backs.

Estimated Shipping Date: 2nd Quarter 2017

That’s over by now no?

It was pushed back like 3 times. Initial estimated shipping date was, I believe, Christmas 2015.

But hey, everyone’s got a Umbral Nyx skin, right?

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I don’t think this one is really CCP’s fault, beyond them falling for the same “oooh shiny” as everyone else when this thing was first announced, and maybe not doing quite the due diligence they should have when deciding to let someone use their assets and branding.

During Fan Fest, this was brought up, it appears there was a design flaw in this product. Something else is going on, but i did not get details.

Looking at TriForce’s catalog, past and present, it is notorious how the Nyx is both the only vehicle and the only hovering sculpture they have in it. Looks like someone stepped outside of their expertise (weaponry, apparel and humanoid sculptures) and messed up…

who in their right mind would pay $1,800 for that?


Rest assured, that if I’d have that money to spare, I would. People spend preposterous sums on other franchise’s merchandise. Why would EVE-O be any different?

According the the EVE player base, we are not as stupid as other game’s player base.


Seems like we got Jita scammed ny Triforce, and CCP either had the wool pulled over their eyes too or TINFOIL, were in on it as they promoted it at Fanfest and even designed a Skin to go along with presale.

WOULD LOVE to learn how much CCP has made from “licensing” rights from Triforce over this.

Bet CCP made a pretty ISK so far on this scam

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So anyone on here see the ccp one they have at Fanfests/EveVegas? Do they still show it off? Anyone here buy one for the In Game Skin that came with it?


Someone got some news regarding the nyx model?