2008 176Mil SP Char Nyx/Super/Dread/JF and more 1M Unallocated SP

Here i am:

  • Positive Wallet 239Mil
  • No kill rights
  • Lots of lvl 4 agents for missions (If that´s your thing)
  • NO mining skills, this is Super (Gallente especialization) and under : Marauders/BlackOps/Logis/And many more on many races PvP/PvE char
  • Concord LP 795.888 (Yep, some juice implants for own use or sale)
  • In NpC corp
  • Close to Perfect Drone Skills
  • Sec. Status 5.01 (Work your way as you desire, down or up, your choice when you become, me)
  • Navigation Maxed for Capital Ships
  • No great implant sets, ill leave that up to you, atm Improved Social and few hardwires
  • Remap available
  • Active Boost
    forgereth sale AcBoost
  • 1 Mil Unallocated SP (Your choices)
  • 1 JC in low sec with cheap implants, just so you know
  • More on the link, read it : )

Starting Bid - 160bi
B.O - This will be my choice /Hidden

Char is in Jita IV/IV in a shuttle, and very patient. Not selling low and i can wait … or not.

Of course, im paying for the transfer

All CCP rules Apply , and i reserve mysefl the right to cancel this auction at any given time

I’d offer 139B

Thanks for the free bump, offer declined

Is the transaction still valid

Im not sure of what you mean, but yes, auction still going. Bid up my friend : )

/Bumpzor - Auction still valid!



Thanks still low but, getting warmer


Offers continue to be below expectations, back to the Jita station suite, where room service is also below expectations, thanks anyway for the offer

Official Daily Bump ( 1 Mil Unallocated SP and Active Boost +10 ) Added to post


Noted, if no higher bids in 1 hour time. Im all yours, clock is ticking.

I am ready now. If you confirm your acceptance of the quotation, please let me know

151B offer


Come on guys, open those wallets, im watching a soccer game, be back in 50 minutes, higher bid will win and transfer will be imediate. Stop this 1 + 1 + 1… and make a firm bid please : )

Second half of game starting! Final round of this one ends in 50 min.

do you accept 152B OFFER ?

Sorry for the delay , game went for penalties and my team lost : /

Offer Accepted, send isks and account info to this char, please make sure to send the right acc name.