200M SP returning, been back a minute

I bring active 3 accounts, 200MM, 160M, 140M SP mains. Very casual player at this point of my gaming career. Would prefer a small to medium group to play with, preferably in a worm hole but null is an option. I bring you, and your group, spec manufacturing. Tell me what you need and I will build it for you, assuming the needed material is available, asteroid/moon/salvage/data/relic. Want to do a weekly T1 cruiser suicide roam … spec it, I will build it and gleefully fly along into hopelessly futile situations.

Can run boosts of any kind for fleet, fight as needed, defend as needed.

What I am not looking for is mandatory anything. I work a service industry life and can and will disappear for days at a time. I can listen on Discord/TS as needed for ops and if I decide to dig out the headset might actually speak a little. No desire to lead ANYTHING, ever.

Late 50’s in US Central TZ oilfield based employment. Activity will be based on what the group is doing, and needs. I make my own schedule, except when I have to travel, and will do what is needed to be an asset … except leadership. I get enough of that in RL.

Hit me up with an in game email if interested. Not sure why it is so difficult to find people to game with in this particular game. Want to see all my “stuff” ok, but makes no sense. At one point I had 8 active accounts and if I was scamming it wouldn’t be with a 18 year old character. I will jump through a hoop if I need to, but not to many.

You Are Welcome With Us :grinning:

o7 Hope you are well after reading your post you seem like you’d make a good fit for our alliance if you’re interested in what we offer please feel free to read my linked post below, if not no worries and have a good day :slight_smile:

TSSOC is a long time corp living in an active are of Null, we would be a great corp to fit with your style of play.

come check us out!

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