20220314 - [CANCELLED] Slower response with some services after DT

UPDATE: 11:40 - Tranquility is back online and accepting connections. Due to the issues encountered during startup we are not proceeding with today’s experiment. The information in the post below is no longer relevant.

UPDATE: 11:29 - Tranquility is undergoing an unscheduled restart.

UPDATE 11:17 - Slightly longer than scheduled downtime is occurring - TQ should be back up by 11:25 UTC.

Greetings Capsuleers,

Today 14 March we will be doing an experiment following the startup of TQ after downtime. This involves the way in which the database preloads certain things e.g. solar systems and the market.

You might experience some info message popups when logging in today right after downtime, for example when selecting a character it might say that the solar system or the market is still loading etc. In all cases please just wait a few moments and then try again.

This situation will only be temporary and Tranquility should be operating normally within a few hours after downtime.

It would be much appreciated if you could give us your feedback in the thread below and let us know if during the day you experience any stuttering or lag which you don’t normally see.



What could possibly go wrong


Hold my beer, I gots this…


Lets see, hmmmm, stuttering like after the changes to the apple updates that have never gone away?
Leave a station, lagggggg
Open your Inventory, laggggg
or just the usual laggggggggggg


Lag or stuttering could mean death …


lets fix more things that are not broken and ignore how the game has become ■■■■.


oh well here we go again any chance you can fix the bugged ice belts that wont despawn after they have been mined or respawn after server reset LOL


What’s new about those messages? The game has been telling us for years that systems are still offline or markets not ready or the contracts system not done loading data.

Have you actually improved something in those areas (“we changed something” doesn’t mean a thing). For instance, are star systems not offline after DT anymore and don’t require a double jump command to load?



Do these notifications drop loot?


Why do an experiment with zero notice? What if this adversely affects a group who had things planned right after dt today, are you going to provide compensation for them?


No they give free ships

I was in a agent mission combat area and got scared thinking my ship would be destroyed.
Google’d what will happen to my ship and it seems I’ll be okay.

Loving the game so far though, I’m 26.6 hours in :slight_smile:


My game runs fine, although after 10 minutes it started to freeze and my original game character no longer appears.

That is all.


The hostility in these forums is breathtaking… and not in a good way.

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Did you actually read the post? They specified you’ll probably get these messages when clicking to log in to your character, meaning they’ve changed the system to try and preload the systems, market etc before your character actually logs in to the universe.

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Hmm, 6min after DT no login posssible


So normal messages for the AU-TZ guys that have to sit and wait on a gate getting shot at by rats because they are first to jump into a system?

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Lol yup

Make a stupid change and can’t even get the servers back online in a normal time. Good job

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