[Resolved]20240303 - Unscheduled Extended Downtime

There will be an unscheduled extended downtime as we investigate issues with starting Tranquility (server).

We will update this thread and status.eveonline.com with details as they become available.

Update 11:21 - Tranquility briefly became available to players but we are taking it offline again to make some hardware changes. It should become available again shortly.

Update 11:37 - Tranquility is back online and open to players. Apologies for this unscheduled downtime.

More info - TQ failed to automatically shut down and restart due to some of the server nodes being stuck. We manually shut down the nodes which failed to shut down automatically. When we started up TQ we saw some nodes become stuck again so we opted to switch out those nodes.


Inb4 compensation demands from Karen Capsuleers. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



Darn it. Sunday is meant to be the safe day.

Stop letting people have timers within an hour before downtime!

Edit: … and you teased us by letting us log in for a few seconds! :sweat_smile:
These are some very loooooooong and tense minutes. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Snack time!

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Thank you for the report:) I thought that was my PC:)

Down again!

was hoping on a easy sunday window


Please hurry and get EVE up and running as my kids are starting to get closer to me lol

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Ah well…

Missi Pyle Karen GIF by MOODMAN

TQ back online and open for players. Thanks for the patience and have a good Sunday :heart:


You should know that in Eve you’re never safe…

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#insert zomb apoc rush gif


@CCP_Arcade Are you quite sure? Daily Goals server, for example, is borked…

Thank you sir.

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In Аmarr, I receive a message that the market is not ready. Question! When will the market work?

already working

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and yet, gm will not reimbours any ship if you got disconnect in abyssal

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