2019/01/24 - Unscheduled Server Restart

Hey guys,

We’ll be taking Tranquility down for a short, unscheduled restart in around 20 minutes time due to login issues that have occured after today’s daily downtime.

Please keep an eye on this thread for further updates.

Be sure to follow @EVE_Status on twitter too for updates on any server issues that occur.

Apologies for the inconvenience this server restart may cause.

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11:48 UTC

A 20 minute shutdown timer has been started, the cluster will shut down for a short, unschedule reboot at 12:08 UTC.

12:08 UTC

Tranquility has been taken down for a short, unschedule restart. The cluster will be restarted in VIP mode for testing.

12:12 UTC

The cluster is now back online and in VIP mode for testing.

12:15 UTC

Tranquility is now back online and accepting connections.


I assume you can only restart servers? Well, players in my area worked out already that we only need to restart game 5 times to make local work :stuck_out_tongue:
Btw @CCP_Falcon check please steam connections if it is possible, cause looks like it is also broken now…

typical, get time to play and server issues. Damn my luck haha

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It sounds like the issue that led to the restart is not about local chat, but connections to the cluster.

Time to prepare coffee or a drink :slight_smile:

Never happened before and now again!

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