2019/01/25 - Unscheduled Daily Downtime Extension

Hey guys,

Due to an issue with startup of the Tranquility cluster, we’re going to have to extend daily downtime a little in order to perform a second restart.

Downtime will be longer than the usual slated 15 minutes today, and we’ll have more information on when we expect to be online and accepting connections in this thread.

Apologies for the delay in startup!

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11:15 UTC

Tranquility is coming down for a second restart. More details as they become available.

11:18 UTC

Cluster is online and in VIP mode for checks.

11:21 UTC

VIP is lifted, and the cluster is now accepting connections. We are monitoring stability.


“another one”

aaaah! oh noes, everybody panic

Thanks for the info. Would be nice if you broadcasted this to the launcher as well. You know, the notification icon that’s currently only used to spread friendship lies. :slight_smile:


2 days in a row - dissapointing

Yeah I was wondering if it was Just me, which has happened before

Ty for your hard work homies.

Im deep in enemy territory. Ill stay awake a while longer to see how this pans out.

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Yeah, this is the preferred method.

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everyone here super relieved they not hacked lol i know i am

It’s the hamsters I feel sorry for…

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Cluster is back online and accepting connections.

Apologies for the startup delay!



Feed the hamsters!

Yesterday was a strange hickup also.

who ddosed server now?

erryday now ?

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Anyone else remember when Falcon was a bloodthirsty pirate who would tell anyone to ■■■■ off and cry elsewhere…now all he does is say sorry on behalf of ccp for ■■■■■■■ something up :rofl: