2019/07/25 - Unscheduled Daily Downtime Extension

Hey guys,

We’re currently in the process of bringing Tranquility back online after an issue that caused a delay in startup after today’s daily downtime.

We’ll be back online as soon as we can.

Apologies for any inconvenience this is causing! :heart:

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11:15 UTC

Downtime has run over due to a startup issue, we’re currently investigating.

11:30 UTC

We’re currently working on rectifying the issue and hope to be back online as soon as possible.

11:37 UTC

Tranquility is now back online and accepting connections.

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Try unplugging your modem and power cycling it. Also, make sure to install the latest drivers.


Null sec strikes back !!


Free skill points for everyone! \O/

Oh wait…


try rebooting the server

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Was it only me who had a 838 mb update?

Put in a support ticket, wait…………wait…wait some more. Get pissed off and go outside and breathe fresh air. Say to hell with this, come back in and wait 3 more days.

Have you tried turning it on and off again?

Poor hamster couldn’t take it any more :frowning:

Try rebooting the internet

My launcher downloaded smth too !

Nope, 825 mb here as well

i have a box of spare parts if you need it…

Blackout Part 2 is here it seems.


It’s up now

Get a cat to run on the server treadmill!!!

Not a big issue. Thanks for staying in touch with us.

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Must be the DRIFTER VIRUS!
it worm its way into the server holes

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oh wait