2018/03/28 - Delayed Startup After Daily Downtime

Apologies for the delay in startup today. We’re currently working on restarting Tranquility a second time, and hope to be online again soon!

As always, you can keep an eye on @EVE_Status to see the latest updates on the status of Tranquility.


11:32 UTC - Tranquility is now back online and accepting connections.

I get about 10 hours a week to play and I got me some Veldspar I need to mine…

Edited: My first post, My first typo…

Feed the damn hamsters already :stuck_out_tongue:

With DST, daily downtime is now very annoying… 1PM in CET, just during my lunch break…

Please don’t tell me you tried to fix any issues again on one of my rare days off work!? And why do those downtimes differ? sometimes it’s 10 minutes, sometimes it’s 30 minutes. I really try to understand, as - for someone who is not into IT and server stuff - you just restart a computer. What’s the problem there?

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Just admit it all you have to do is flip a switch and the servers are restarted… you just forgot to flip that switch… again. :stuck_out_tongue:

/s :wink:

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That’s actually the one thing that they don’t do.

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We understand. Occasionaly things such as the RSPCA doing a surprise check on server-Hamster welfare are just gonna happen. No problem.

They need to bring the servers up gently, too fast and the hamsters sort of puff up , with VERY sad and accusing expressions before they explode, the second restart can only happen after a good clean up and hamster reload, and they aren’t exactly trusting after seeing their friends shoveled up.

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