207m combined sp bittervet looking for corp

Main and primary alt have 126m and 54m respectively, can fly anything from frigs to marauders blops carriers super dreads etc. Dread alt. Indy/hauler alts. Started in 2007 and have quit and returned a few times(reason sp is so low). Mainly looking for a good group of people that don’t get offended easily(not talking racism or anything like that, just good ole bullshitting), but with good corp comradery. Not saying hang out every day but at least a couple times throughout the week. I will participate often but I do not want a second job, I want to log in and have fun. I live in US Central TZ but 4 days out of the week I am basically AUTZ due to work. Looking for small-mid corp/alliance roams with larger/stratop fleets happening at least once every couple weeks during my TZs with the occasional capital fight. Must have good space for CRABs, anoms, possibly moons/indy(not sure if I want to get into it yet but would like the option). May also consider WH corps as I have not tried that content much yet. I prefer replies here with links to your discord and KB.

Main KB, ignore the red I went through a phase of getting drunk and feeding stupid ■■■■ lol

are you looking at FW at all?

If there is an opportunity for isk. I am used to making about 500m-1b plus a night when I focus on PVE/isk making, can FW provide that? I am unfamiliar with it other than the PVP aspect. I generally plex my accounts, no IRL money

Sure! if you plex on multiboxing

I can

You need a lil GriMM houNds in your life. Come chat

then check us out over here

You Are Welcome With Us :slight_smile:

Hello, T’ Elk; I’m Cephelange, Ceph (“Seff”) for short, and am the lead recruiter for Aegis Reforged. At just past our one year anniversary, we’re slowly but surely growing, and have plenty of opportunities for PvP, PvE, mining, and manufacturing.

Along with our alliance and the FI.RE coalition, there are pretty much daily opportunities for strategic fleets. Smaller, roaming fleets are becoming more regular at the alliance level, and our goal is to get regular corp level roams, as well.

The section of space our alliance has entrusted with us grants us access to combat anomalies, ore anomalies, data and relic sites, and moon mining, if that’s your sort of thing. Our corp also has people with expertise in the areas of PvP, PvE, mining, and manufacturing to help guide those that need it.

I’m a “bittervet”, myself, and have been around, off and on, for just over 12 years.

We recruit the player more so than the character(s), and do our best to get a good feel for whether corp and player are a good match.

If any of this interests you, please check our recruiting post for more details. Regardless of where you end up, I do wish you success in your search.

HELLO we are a laid back corp located in scalding pass join our discord
and see if we are a fit for you

Hey Mate, be great to talk to you

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