20m sp LF wormhole corp

After a short time in a (now disbanded) wh corp i’ve been living in k-space and just find myself drawn back to the dark depths of j-space again.

A good amount of my time in k-space has been spent on piracy in low-sec and i’ve become very comfortable with frigate PVP and decent knowledge of the many ships of eve and their capabilities. I still really enjoy low-sec but i’m looking to broaden my experiences with null-sec roams and of course more WH PVP

What i’m looking for in a corp

  • USTZ preferred
  • small-medium sized corp based in k-space (i do not want to be a part of a mega-alliance, just a group of people living in a wormhole)
  • fun people willing to pvp and go on random roams in LOW and NULL as well
  • guidance in isk-making opportunities in whatever wormhole class i end up in
  • good people who want to fly together (do not want to join a corp full of people with an elitist mentality)
  • NO “MANDATORY” OPS, don’t get me wrong, I want to feel like i am a part of the corporation and involve myself in achieving goals but I am a RL first kind of person and sometimes just want to do my own thing when i log in

What I can offer:

  • PVP experience
  • good scanning skills and willing to use them
  • willingness to learn and train doctrine ships (if necessary…)
  • good attitude and an insatiable lust to watch pixels explode on screen

hit me up here or in a PM if you think your corp is a good fit

if youre part of a massive corp or your corp is full of bitter vets please do not bother :smiley:

Hi Trajan,

Negative Density could be a perfect fit for you:

We have a strong US TZ (and equally strong EU TZ). Experienced leadership, lots of PvP, easy ways to make ISK…

We’re a mature group… average age prob mid-30s. No bitter vets, and a firendly atmosphere to grow and make friends and enjoy blowing stuff up together. We’re a tight team and everyone knows everyone else.

Drop me a mail or a convo in game, and we can speak on comms at a convenient time if you’re interested!


ISK Lord o/

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