Hi! Looking for wormhole groups

New player here!
Explored around new eden only to find high, low, null boring as hell. Would be keen to give wormholes a try!



We are a pvp corp founded by two veteran players. We have known each other for a long time and have done everything EvE has to offer. We want to share our experience and build a corporation based on fun and shooting others

We are currently located in the heart of Caldari-Gallente Factional Warfare. This gives us plenty opportunities for solo pvp, small gang pvp and more! We are highly active and have two very good fc’s willing to take anybody on a roam and teach them the ropes. We mostly fly around in frigates but can scale up to what is needed to win a fight. This makes us very newbie/Alpha friendly.

We value three things mostly in this corp: Have fun, no drama and take all fights.

We are looking for like-minded individuals to fly with in the EU TZ.

What we offer:
Mature PvP
Free ships and/or ship replacement program
Active leadership
Lots of content
Zero drama

What we are looking for:
PVP focused players
No SP requirements
Willingness to train into corp doctrines
Pilots who are willing to learn and contribute to the corp and create content for others.

Ingame Public channel: Missing the point

Im looking for wormhole groups not low sec :slight_smile:
Ustz preferred

sent you a mail ingame :slight_smile: we are a wh corp C2 with HS and C3 statics a small but growing group of wormhole veterans.

Heya Sera, Depending on TZ you may wanna give Singular Paradox a look.

Singular Paradox is looking for more pilots to bolster our ranks . We are a mature USTZ based casual corp living in Wormhole space. Singular Paradox is looking for pilots that are mature, laid back and understand at the end of it all its just pixels. We do not have mandatory OPs or CTAs. What we do offer is the opportunity for you to experiance EVE in a stress free relaxed enviroment.
We have reguler PvP roams through worm space, low sec and 0.0 with experianced, patiant fleet commanders. Never PvPed, no problem we have plenty of vets that are more then happy to help you along the way. Dont want to PvP, not a problem, we also offer reguler PvE and mining oppertunities to help fund our shameless PvP habits and fatten our wallets.

At the end of the day heres what we can offer:

  • Wormhole lifestyle
  • Casual, mature enviroment
  • Regular PvP roams in null, low and worm space
  • Knowledgable FCs
  • Plenty of PvE opportunities to fatten up your wallet

So if you think Singular Paradox may be a fit for you join our chat channel Singular Public or contact vynok, Splendorfire or Rosk Volutar

Bump still looking

what more presisly are you looking for in a wh group ?

Starseekers is a relatively new but very accomplished WH group! All newbros who joined us have said that it was the best choice for them. We are made by new players, for new players. Check us out!

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