Negative Density - C5 Wormhole PvP Corp

#1 - 2017-06-07 14:48:59 UTC | Edited by: ISK Lord

Negative Density [D3NSE] are a thriving C5 wormhole PvP community looking for new friends!

Our loyal player base are English speaking and from all TZs. You might describe us as ‘old school’ in terms of culture. We like a drink or three and know how to have fun, but also believe in treating other players and corps with respect. We enjoy good fights with our frenemies in w-space, and also roam into lowsec and nullsec to find plenty more pew.

We scan huge chains of wormhole systems daily and find plenty of PvP. We also do weekly scheduled ops: roams, rage rolling, blops, deployments, you name it!

We consider applicants from all backgrounds and experience levels. We have been teaching players to PvP and how to ‘get good in wormholes’ for many years. Our corp is a great environment to learn, and no question is ever a silly question. No bitter vets here!

However, if you are an experienced PVPer you’ll also be in good company. Over half of us are high SP with plenty of PVP experience. We have excellent comms discipline, experienced FCs and theory-crafters, and some very talented pilots.

In terms of ISK-making there are plenty of opportunities to get space rich. You can run sleeper sites, mine ore/huff gas, set up your PI, or get involved with industry if that’s your thing. If you’re not sure how to do any of that we can show you how!

It is important to point one thing out though: D3NSE are PvPers first, and everything else second. We try to take every opportunity for fights, and change gear in a heartbeat if a chance for pew arises.

What can we offer you?

  • Active membership of 30+ players
  • Experienced FCs and leadership
  • Opportunity to fly a variety of ship doctrines
  • Citadels to keep your stuff safe
  • Good PI and industry infrastructure
  • Teamspeak, Discord, Vippy, Forums

What do we need from you?

  • Omega accounts
  • Full API keys
  • English speaking with good mic
  • 10m+ skill points
  • Ability to scan using a covert ops ship
  • Passion to explore our ever changing chain of wormhole systems
  • Team player attitude

Best way to get in touch?

Mail me ‘ISK Lord’ in game, and tell me a little bit about yourself!

Many thanks!


Recruitment open for the weekend!

Join a great group of players!

We drink and we know stuff…

I used to know stuff

Haha youse drink but do you know stuff :smile: … Confirmed …good bunch of guys are ND

I think we know stuff, but I know I need booze tonight!

Running around wormholes like a lost sheep? Need a place to call home? Need some friends to shoot stuff with? You found us! Convo or mail me in game today!!! \o/

Want to join a vibrant group of friendly wormhole PvPers?

Contact me today!

Are you an experienced PvPer or Wormholer? Perfect. Maybe be you’ve never done either but want to learn? No problem!

Get in touch with me in game today and let’s talk about how you can be part of a great group of wormholers. We fly a variety of doctrines, make plenty of ISK, and fun is always the name of the game. What are you waiting for!? :wink:

Can you hold point? You’re so hired! :roll_eyes: :laughing:

You are feeling SLEEEEPY


When you wake up you will be looking for a great wormhole corp called Negative Density. There’s a guy there called ISK Lord you’ll want to convo. He’s a wonderful man.

He’s gonna introduce you to an amazing new group of friends who luuuuv their pew and their wormholes.

You’re going to wake up in 3-2-1…

you know what to do! :star_struck:

Looking for a game changer? Look no further!

Contact me today to find out more about being a part of Negative Density.

Recruitment open!

Get in touch today and find out how you can be a part of Negative Density!

Negative Density opens it’s doors to all good citizens of EvE!

Recruitment is open…

US TZ / EU TZ and now lookign to grow the AU/NZ/Asia TZ!

Join the wormhole magic! \o/

Recruitment open!

We fly a wide variety of ships. This does mean training up to fly all races and weapon types, and learning to pilot different types of ships from fast and nimble to big fat brawlers, shield/armor, cloaky/BLOPs, frig/destroyer hull… plenty of fun to be had!

Higher SP players will have tons of interesting options, and lower SP players are given guidance on what to train first so that they can participate in all fleet doctrines.

Looking for a great wormhole PvP corp?

How about Negative Density?

We’re active, sociable team players. We’re all about having fun and trying to be the best we can!

Drop me a mail in game any time and tell me a little bit about yourself. We can then get on our TS3 so you get a real flavour of who we are!

Get in touch today! o/

Great reasons why YOU should consider D3NSE!

  • Fly a variety of doctrines in w- and k-space
  • Socialize as a member of a friendly/mature PvP community
  • Enjoy daily wormhole life and regular scheduled content
  • Get space rich and have fun with expensive toys!