Negative Density - C5 Wormhole PvP Corp

Recruitment open!

Are you a returning player looking for a great group to play the great game with?

Maybe you’re looking to branch out into wormholes or PvP for the first time?


Negative Density are the perfect group to get up to speed with. We have pilots of all ability levels, and while we do aim to excel as PvPers we have a culture of continually helping our member to improve their player skills. We also provide guidance on what skills to train so you can fly our many doctrines.

Even lowish SP players can quickly get into starter ships, and higher SP players will get to fly in a multitude of fleet roles and doctrines: armor brawler… shield kiters… long range snipers… cloaky ambushers… T3 dessies… you name it!

Come and join the fun! o7

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Negative Density, a great place to get space rich and shoot people?

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D3NSE recruitment open!

Negative Density needs YOU! :rocket:

Join D3NSE channel in game or drop me a mail, and tell me a little bit about yourself. We can then jump on our TS3 for a chat.

Negative Density are an expanding wormhole PvP corp operating on EU and US TZs. We have players of all SP and player skill levels. We’re led by a core of wormhole PvP vets who have been there and got the T-shirt. These guys are content creators, FCs, theory crafters, and are happy to guide and mentor our member base as required. We’re a friendly and mature group. It’s lots of fun and a great place to get to know lots of people and enjoy daily wormhole life.

Get in touch to find out more! :+1:

Recruitment open!

D3NSE are recruiting!

Drop me a mail in game today!

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D3NSE recruitment open!

Looking for a great group of wormhole PvPers to hang out with?

Why not drop me mail in game today and tell me a little bit about yourself!