Negative Density [D3NSE] ... WH Mercs ... Get paid to PvP!


(ISK Lord) #1

Have you ever dreamed of being paid to PvP? Think about it…

Negative Density are a specialist wormhole mercenary group.

99% of wormhole PvP corps look for fights predominantly within their chains. It can be hard work scanning and rolling: fishing for the occasional gank or that elusive good fight. Why not join the other 1% and simply go where the action is hottest!?

As Wormhole Mercs we have paid content on tap. Whether it’s playing white knights to rescue a group being invaded by the bad people, deploying on targeted ops, or being part of a full blooded eviction, you get paid!

Sound good? Hell yeah! So here’s what we need from you:

  • At least 20m SP with PvP skills
  • Omega account(s)
  • PvP experience (WH/NS/LS - all fine)
  • Experience in wormhole space (or PvPer willing to learn)
  • Discord, good quality mic/headset, English speaking
  • Ability to fund your own PvP (you can top up on ISK by doing PI or sites from our C4 base of operations)
  • Hunger to get into PvP situations
  • Good comms discipline when we’re in action
  • Friendly and mature attitude (we have no place for big egos or drama queens, and don’t run a kinder garden)
  • Good activity (most of us play 5+ hours a week and do our best to get online for schedule content)
  • US or EU TZ


  • Multiple Omega accounts
  • Able to dual/multi box
  • Capital pilot
  • Experience flying kiting doctrines
  • Decent logi or ewar pilot
  • Good wormhole scout (we use Pathfinder for mapping)

Getting in touch is simple!

Convo me or drop me a mail in game any time,

ISK Lord

CEO, Negative Density

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Recruitment open!

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Happy Weekend!

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Calling all PvPers!

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Get in touch today!

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D3NSE Recruiting!

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Join us!

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Contact me in game for more info…

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Come join the fun!

(ISK Lord) #10

We have openings… large openings… just for you

(ISK Lord) #11

Looking for more good folks!

(josh Mckeone) #12

Extremely interested in joining

(framolia) #13

Flown with these guys before! Excellent corp , I’ve only just re-subbed after a while, glad to see them still going :smiley:

(ISK Lord) #14

Recruitment open

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Interested? Get in touch today!

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D3NSE recruiting!

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PvPers step this way! :thumbsupparrot:

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Happy Weekend! \o/

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Wormhole pew awaits!

(ISK Lord) #20

We’re a fun and very tight group of players. This is a great chance to join a family!