Negative Density [D3NSE] ... WH Mercs ... Get paid to PvP!

Have you ever dreamed of being paid to PvP? Think about it…

Negative Density are a specialist wormhole mercenary group.

99% of wormhole PvP corps look for fights predominantly within their chains. It can be hard work scanning and rolling: fishing for the occasional gank or that elusive good fight. Why not join the other 1% and simply go where the action is hottest!?

As Wormhole Mercs we have paid content on tap. Whether it’s playing white knights to rescue a group being invaded by the bad people, deploying on targeted ops, or being part of a full blooded eviction, you get paid!

Sound good? Hell yeah! So here’s what we need from you:

  • At least 20m SP with PvP skills
  • Omega account(s)
  • PvP experience (WH/NS/LS - all fine)
  • Experience in wormhole space (or PvPer willing to learn)
  • Discord, good quality mic/headset, English speaking
  • Ability to fund your own PvP (you can top up on ISK by doing PI or sites from our C4 base of operations)
  • Hunger to get into PvP situations
  • Good comms discipline when we’re in action
  • Friendly and mature attitude (we have no place for big egos or drama queens, and don’t run a kinder garden)
  • Good activity (most of us play 5+ hours a week and do our best to get online for schedule content)
  • US or EU TZ


  • Multiple Omega accounts
  • Able to dual/multi box
  • Capital pilot
  • Experience flying kiting doctrines
  • Decent logi or ewar pilot
  • Good wormhole scout (we use Pathfinder for mapping)

Getting in touch is simple!

Convo me or drop me a mail in game any time,

ISK Lord

CEO, Negative Density

Recruitment open!

Happy Weekend!

Calling all PvPers!

Get in touch today!

D3NSE Recruiting!

Join us!

Contact me in game for more info…

Come join the fun!

We have openings… large openings… just for you

Looking for more good folks!

Extremely interested in joining

Flown with these guys before! Excellent corp , I’ve only just re-subbed after a while, glad to see them still going :smiley:

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Recruitment open

Interested? Get in touch today!

D3NSE recruiting!

PvPers step this way! :thumbsupparrot:

Happy Weekend! \o/

Wormhole pew awaits!

We’re a fun and very tight group of players. This is a great chance to join a family!