Negative Density [D3NSE] - Wormhole PvPers - Recruiting Vets and Newer Bros!

Welcome to Negative Density [D3NSE] - wormhole PvPers and Mercs for hire!

We are once again opening our doors to new members. This is your opportunity to join a tight group of friends who get their kicks PvPing in wormhole space.

We’re very experienced - so if you are a vet looking for a laid back group who know what they are doing you’ll be in good company.

However for a limited period we’re also looking to bring on a number of less experienced players that we can help learn the game. If you are interested in wormhole life and PvP this may be the golden ticket you’ve been hoping for!

In addition to PvP we have a solid infrastructure. If you’re interested in PI, industry, running wormhole sites and all the usual stuff you can do that too… plenty of ISK making and nerdy stuff to get stuck into.

Daily life is extremely varied - we scan out extensive chains of systems looking for chances to ambush or skirmish with other players. Other times we may be on short contract deployments - playing white knights rescuing someone from ‘the bad people’, sometimes doing an eviction on behalf of wealthy client perhaps looking for revenge or carving out a system of their own to call home!

Whatever we do, we play the game with a smile and treat other groups with respect. Many of us have been playing the game for many years and win or lose this it’s all about having fun!

If you are interested, here’s what we need from you:

  • At least 15m SP
  • Omega account
  • Discord, good quality mic/headset, English speaking
  • Hunger to get into PvP situations
  • Good comms discipline when we’re in action
  • Friendly and mature attitude
  • Any TZ!

Getting in touch is simple: mail me in game and tell me a little bit about yourself!

Many thanks,

ISK Lord o7

CEO, Negative Density

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To find out more drop me a mail today!

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Happy Friday Bump!

Looking for both vets and less experienced players!

Fed up of playing solo or being a small cog in a huge wheel?

D3NSE are all about working as a team where every player counts!

Mature, friendly players who love blowing other people up. What’s the point of flying spaceships if you don’t shoot each other right?:crossed_swords:

Fed up of shooting rocks and red crosses? :construction_worker_man::construction_worker_woman:

Join D3NSE for manflesh! :cut_of_meat: :poultry_leg::bacon::hamburger:

Looking for US and EU TZ players! Drop me a mail or convo in game today.

Are you a wormhole explorer? Want to take that next step up and try living in wormholes and doing PvP?

If you want to be the hunter for a change get in touch and we’ll show you how!

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Are you interested in trying the wormhole life for the first time? How about joining a great group of players who can get you up to speed fast so you can join in the fun? Great idea! :bulb:

Drop me a mail or convo in game and let’s talk about how we make that happen!

Mature social group who do the fun bit of the game! :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

Wormhole space = best space. If you’re in it - great, if you’re not - you’re late…

Get in touch with me to find out what you could be missing!

@ISK_Lord buddy, do you still have a public discord link please? Tnx a lot :slight_smile:

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Team players who work closely together and have fun! Get in touch today!

Ideal opportunity for anyone looking to learn and/or improve their wormhole PvP sklls!

Welcoming in new players!

Interested? Why not drop me a short mail in game and let’s take it from there.

We want YOU!

Opportunity to join a great bunch of guys!

Wormholes beckon!