20mil sp pilot returning with deep pockets looking for ACTIVE Faction Warfare Corp


I’m looking to get into Faction Warfare.

I’ve recently returned to EvE after several years break and I’ve never really dabbled in faction warfare and to be honest most of my PvP experience is very out dated from the 2012 - 2013 era.

I’ve got a ton of liquid capital and can easily support my pvp activities till the heat death of the universe but I’m looking for an active Caldari fw corp that can answer my questions, help me find the right fits, and hopefully assist me in small gang fights.

I’m currently in Caldari FW but I am happy to jump sides for the right group.

As a possible pro / con I am a casual youtuber who is doing a series on faction warfare as well. So where ever I go there may be the added appeal or draw back of some small attention following me.

My current play times are in the evenings 5pm cst - 8pm cst M-F and Sa and Su are open.


Check out Pannion Domain, or Panion, something like that

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Yep reaching out to them hopefully tomorrow

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Well if you decide not to go to faction warfare but still want the small gang hit us up here is our ad give it a look see what you think


SINISTER. is looking for more capsuleers to join their triglavian based corp. We can teach you how to make a living from the abyssal depths and ultilize triglavian vessels into combat or pve.

!! Preparing for triglavian invasions, triglavian mothership Xordahz and much more.

■ Co-Op Abyssal Deadspace
■ Triglavian invasions
■ Triglavian combat
■ Triglavian industry

Join our Discord discord to learn more. or convo me.

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