21.4 T2/T2 Rev Dedicated Dread Alt


I am a returning player after 2 years and want to sell my t2/t2 amarr dread alt it was dedicated for wh ratting back in th day and just want to use isk to get started in market trading… so im gonna set buyout to my liking in hopes someone is nice and generous for this awesome of named character u will inherit…
plz nice offers ladies and gentz
B/O 28b
Jita 4-4
NPC Corp
Positive Wallett
only 3 deaths on zkill and i am first owner fresh injected…

hey, really cool toon! and funny name! its a solid start on a good character.

a couple of things:

First, you have to be in an NPC corp before you post the character for sale. So you might want to do that before someone reports it.

Second, 28b b/o isn’t just generous, its “sugar daddy level” generous. Its “ their better be something special after dinner and not just on Fathers Day” generous.

Extract value is ~11b, but I’m looking for a new marauder type toon and this is close. So I can offer 14b b/o and im mostly around this afternoon so i can send isk and you can start your new #traderlife tonight.

Can I send you that isk now?

are you still selling?

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