22.5M SP Highly Skilled Ice/ore Miner (new low b/o)


Highly skilled ice/ore miner no wasted skills

In NPC corp
SP: 22,695,270
Located in Jita 4-4

Positive wallet
No kill rights

B/O 18b

( will use plex 2-3 days for transfer to complete )

Bump New low B/O

would be interested, however, not in npc corp yet, kind of against the rules

ready now

In NPC corp now

bumb first 18b will take her

17.5b offered

18b buyout.

Accept isk and info to me

Isk and Account name sent, please send me a SS with the submitted ticket if you could.

Account Info is in the details of the isk sent.

Recived will do

Send account info pls eve mail

Ticket for transfer sent

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