22.6m SP Specialized Rattlesnake Pilot

I’m for sale. Cool name and all.

Specifically trained to be a RR/Tinker snake pilot.

This pilot works great as an alt paired with your main for farming wormholes or combat sites. It will gain the maximum bonus to shield resist from the rattlesnake, and will provide maximum cap transfer to its receiving target so you’ll not have an unbalanced cap chain. Not only this, but you’ll be able to use all your favorite T2 drones for maximum DPS.

1 Bonus remap. Regular remap available 19 September, 2017
+5 Ocular and Neural implants to match current remap
1 jump clone with +3 implants for those dangers times
Remote armor rep 5
Capacitor emission systems 5
Light / Medium / Heavy / Sentry Drones 5
Cybernetics 5
Caldari BS 5
Shield operation / management / compensation / upgrades 5
And more. See http://eveboard.com/pilot/Funtime_Genocide

The usuals:
Based in highsec, in-station.
Positive wallet.
Positive sec status.
No kill rights.

Will accept 19b b/o. Also entertaining/considering fair offers. Won’t even acknowledge anything under the current SP extraction value baseline, because I might as well just extract it myself in that case.

Not in a huge rush to sell, and she’s specialized enough to warrant the asking price as there is very little SP put into skills that aren’t core to flying a tinker snake. Currently she’s training alpha skills because I’m not paying a sub for a pilot I’m not flying. With all alpha skills trained (which is about 24 more days according to evemon), she’ll sit at just a hair under 24m SP.

What is a tinkersnake?
A Rattlesnake fit that’s meant to be run in pairs that gives you solid tank and DPS. Tinker snakes are fit with cap transmitters in highs which they send to each other to power their XL shieldboosters non-stop.

The fit I typically use is as follows:

[Rattlesnake, Pairs - Twin Snake]

Damage Control II
Co-Processor II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Sentient Omnidirectional Tracking Enhancer

Pith X-Type X-Large Shield Booster
Shield Boost Amplifier II
Shield Boost Amplifier II
Phased Scoped Target Painter
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Large Micro Jump Drive

Large Remote Capacitor Transmitter II
Large Remote Capacitor Transmitter II
Large Remote Capacitor Transmitter II
Large Remote Capacitor Transmitter II
Large Remote Capacitor Transmitter II
Drone Link Augmentor I

Large Egress Port Maximizer I
Large Egress Port Maximizer II
Large Core Defense Operational Solidifier I

Federation Navy Ogre x2
Gecko x1
Hornet EC-300 x5
Warrior II x5

In this ship, when paired with another trained pilot, Funtime will tank over 2k DPS in perpetuity (more if you change the tank to be less omni and match your rats) and push out up to 731 DPS. There’s also cap surplus to negate any neuts that come in. All this with fittings that cost under 200m, in a ship that only costs about a third of a marauder yet pretty much does the same job. You will obliterate sites and get them dank isk tics.




11 bill offer

14.0 b

I appreciate the offers, but I’m looking to get more than an undervalued extractor price.

15B ISK ready





15.2 bill

Looking for more. Bump.




(- this is over your current extration value baseline)

(… out of contacted range until 7/22 if holidays caravan has not wifi)

No longer for sale. Found a use for the pilot.