WTS 12.9m SP Rattlesnake/covertops/stealthbomber pilot

(TINTom Gaskell) #1


2012 character

This is my Wormhole alt which was used to scout in the anathema/purifier.
Also ran a cap chain fitted rattlesnake.

Positive wallet
no kill rights
1 remap +2 bonus remaps available
currently sat in jita moon 4 caldari navy assembly plant
NPC corp
POS sec rating

Over 3m sp in engineering (7 skills to lvl 5)
over 4.3m sp in shields (7 skills to lvl 5)

starting bid 10b

(TINTom Gaskell) #2


(Texas Hold'em) #3

9b buyout offer, good for 12 hours.

(Absolute Truth) #4

9.5b offered

(TINTom Gaskell) #5

Bid noted, if no more by this time tomorrow i will accept your offer absolute.

(Absolute Truth) #6

I’d be willing to up my bid to 9.75 if you end the auction now

(Beekillrz) #7


(Breatas Avarike) #8

10.5B here

(TINTom Gaskell) #9

Sold to breatas_avarike. Send isk and account details and I will start transfer a soon as possible.

(Breatas Avarike) #10

details and isk send ingame

(TINTom Gaskell) #11

transfer done, will update here with confirmation email once received through my alt, turionvist

(Turionvist) #12


(Turionvist) #13

Thank you. Your CreditCard account was billed on: Wed, 06 Jun 2018 08:49:55 GMT, in the amount of 17.00 GBP.

Account: *********
Payment ID: 40270559
1 x EVE Character transfer @ 17.00 GBP = 17.00 GBP
TOTAL = 17.00 GBP

Please include the above with any correspondence.

  • The EVE Online Dev Team

(system) #14

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