WTB ( rattlesnake / missile / drone ) 15-25m SP PILOT!


(Azure Wyvern) #1

I want a rattlesnake pilot with :slight_smile: 15-25M SP ( I have over 25B isk to spend) am willing to pay 1B per Million SP if character meets criteria!!!

Cruise missile ( at least t1 )

Drones ( Heavies ) (sentries would be cool)

doesnt need ton of gunnery…

Leave eve board here with your instant buyout (lowest you can do) isk is ready to buy today

(13 JokerofBlack) #2

I have the guy you need.


(live2r1de) #3

oops need galenty battleship my mistake

(13 JokerofBlack) #4

I have gallente battlship


(system) #5

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