WTB 20 - 25M SP PVP pilot

(Azure Wyvern) #1

wtb 20 to 25m sp toon.
prefer good drone skill and missile skills and hopefullly can fly rattlesnake … post offer here have 30b isk to spend and want to buy!

(13 JokerofBlack) #2


(Norwal Gorac) #3

how much for Joker?

(13 JokerofBlack) #4

25.5 b

(Norwal Gorac) #5

Your link to the character is broken, can you link it again please.

(13 JokerofBlack) #6

Someone scooped it up… Sorry.

(Norwal Gorac) #7

No problem, thanks for the reply

(system) #8

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