[22:00-01:00 eve] High SP pilot looking for people to pewpew with

Quick note: I am not looking for a change of corporations. I like my current affiliations / community. I am strictly looking for people willing to accept an additional pilot to fly with them for some pewpew.

Required activity window: 22:00 - 01:00 eve
Content type: Small gang pvp (brawling or kitey) or blops.
Location: Null sec roaming preferred, low sec / j space also options

  • Yeet Fleets are generally ok in my books too as ways into null sec roaming

What I bring:

  • Characters of varying SP. Primary characters all in excess of 190M sp able to fly every subcap ship in the game proficiently (with exception of EDENCOM where the spec books are not remotely worth the quality of the ship currently). alternate characters specialised to specific support roles
  • Extensive experience across the game spectrum (been playing since 2007), capable of manually flying my own ships and judging if a grid is engageable / target prioritisation.
  • Self sufficient income, can replace my own losses as necessary
  • A working Mic / headset, ability to use discord/mumble/vent/ts/etc…

Area’s I’d like to work on specifically as a pilot flying with you:

  • Tackle / hunter ships (I’m developing a fondness for the Keres recently)
  • Command destroyer tactics (would love to get better at the MJDG trickery)
  • Improve my kiting skills in general

SP wise I am maxed for all these areas, personal skill wise I know there’s room to grow

Ships I generally won’t fly:
T3C’s (I don’t agree with the SP loss when you die in one, so I generally won’t fly them)

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