22mil SP Miner for sale [Sold]

Selling myself:

Unallocated: 1.999.257 SP

Positive Wallet
Positive Sec Status

Clone: +5’s

  • Mining Barge V
  • Exhumers V
  • Mining Frigate V
  • Gas Mining V
  • Ice + Mining Drone Operation V (+ Support)
  • Leadership + Mining Foreman V
  • Loads of Reprocessing Skills to V (incl. Rare Moon)


  • 10 Reaction slots

Price: 15B

offer 12b

Daily bump



Bump, changed price to 15B

Bump bump

Daily bump. Looking for offer

Daily bump


8 B offer

10b offer

Looking for atleast 12B

I’ll do 11b if yes I can pay on Saturday (on vacation till then)

Bring it to 12 and it’s a deal o7

12b now

Deal, send isk and info and I will commence the trade

Ill send the Isk now but can I ask to start the transfer in around 10 eve time tomorrow ?
I’m deleting an alt to make space for this char and is gonna take few more hours

Isk Sent

ISK received.
Convo me ingame if possible to discuss your transfer request.