23.5m SP Character for sale

My boss is selling me. I have 23.5 milion skill points in combat and support skills and i am a gila and orthrus pilot.
I have a fancy clone with a low-grade nirvana and some 5% implats for the 7-10 slots.
25B buyout.
Location: Dodixie
Jump clone: None
No negative wallet
Character is in NPC Corp
For in-game offers please mail my main character HELLSHARK

Quantum Anomaly.

16 bill offer

17B offer

Thread reopned.

Daily bump.

Daily bump.


18b b/o

offer 18.5b

offer 20B

Oisma offer accepted. Send the isk and account details for the transfer. Fly safe!

isk and email sent, pls check

Thx mate. I will be able to log into the game and check after downtime. If everything is OK i will start transfer the character asap.

did you start transfer the character?


06 Feb 2024 10:45

Transfer Character

Payment Method
Credit Card
In about 10h you will have your new character. Have fun!