23M SP Character for sale

For sale
No Kill rights.
0.0 Security Status.
In Jita 4-4.

11b B/O got ISK ready

The Character you are selling here has to be in a NPC Corporation. Please fix this or we have to close this Threat,.

Fixed. Thank you.

11.5b bo

I’ll take it. Send isk and account name to transfer to.

isk and acc send

Starting the transfer

Transfer Compleat

can u post a picture ?

i can not find transfer in my mail ~

Transfer takes 10 hrs.

this is 4 hours later.

but i can not find transfer in my mail. (CCP transfer MAIL)

can u help me?

@BlueEyes_Sebiestor @ISD_Traindriver

CCP send me transfer MAIL when i buy other char.

but i can not find this transfer .

i think @BlueEyes_Sebiestor not go Transfer or wrong ACCname?

Please be patient, the whole process can be read in this article:

“For security reasons, character transfers are processed with a 10-hour delay, during which the character is frozen and cannot be ussed.”

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