23mil SP Minny toon


My apologizes to the board moderators for leaving some information out of my previous post. It was completely unintentional.

This toon is stationed in Hakshma, a 0.6 HS space
There are no kill rights associated with this toon.
The wallet has now and will have a positive balance at the time of transfer,
There are no jump clones set up in 0.0 space for this toon.

I have accepted a bid of 17bil from @Kungpo_Panda, made yesterday. Just awaiting delivery of account information and ISK so the transfer can begin.


This is Kungpo Panda.
So this account and character will be the ISK sender and to receive the transfer.

I sent a in-game email using Kungpo Panda.

17 billion isk sent to Efucekay Eutew.

I sent you the account id in game.

waiting for transfer.

transfer initiated…thanks for your purchase.

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