24h Teaching for Newbros by EVE University

Hello folks,

Confinement due to COVID and the fact that there seems to be a lack of good games has brought us an increased number of new and returning players to EVE.

We wanted to make sure those players have the possibility to quickly learn the ropes and get a better understanding of this oh-so-complex game we all love and cherish.

EVE University will be organising a 24h Teach-a-thon from June 6th - June 7th

You can find the full list of publicly accessible classes we will be running here: https://forum.eveuniversity.org/viewtopic.php?f=104&t=116824&start=0

We will be talking about game basics, introduce you to EVE Uni, give the chance to some CSM applicants to introduce themselves and of course learn more about EVE Lore. There is something for everyone’s interest and timezone.

We hope to see you all this upcoming weekend :slight_smile:

If you are an experienced player and you run into a newbro (or shoot one), why not direct them to our event?

Greetings capsuleers o7
Hippla Tsero


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I’ve heard disturbing things about eve university semi recently that has turned me off to supporting you guys in recent times. I am still unsure of your current status.

Disturbing as in people volunteering their time to run a 24 hour teach-a-thon for new pilots?

You should always take things that others say with a grain of salt. Best is to craft your own opinion

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What is this vague fear-uncertainty-doubt spreading? Spit it out my dude - what’s the uni done that’s so disturbing?

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