30.4m sp caldari pilot

Ships I am well skilled for;
Golem, cerebus, rook, tengu, jackdaw, manticore, raptor, buzzard, prospect, orthrus and caldari dst)

Prospect for lowsec / jspace gas
Buzzard for relic / data sites and general scanning in j space


10.5b+ in implants
-high grade snake
-mid grade hydra with high grade omega
-mid grade nirvana
-mid grade virtue

6b+ in skins
-triumphant elite orthrus (3.5b)
-vital jackdaw and cerebus (500 plex)

2 remaps available
No kill rights for or against

35b buyout set

price ?

21B offer

26b offer

28 bil offer

30 b offer

31 bil

looking for 35b

35 b bo


Is this sold yet?

Can you give me a discount? I want to get it

35B quote, when can it be traded.