30Mill SP looking for NEW Started corp/Small corp

Hey there, Im looking for a NEW corp or at least a Small one that still is in development, I enjoy the interaction and development process of corps, Diplomacy, recruitment etc. I grew tired of Big corp/alliances where all is set and u become just a number.

So if you’re a NEW corp or still small, still kind of looking for space to settle and still organizing, please hit me up, ill love to help out and be a part of the process ;o)

This char is main industry and transport but interested ofc in PVP aswell. Have alts that are skilled for that.

Thanks ;o)


Come join our discord for a chat mate, we might be exactly what you are looking for at Brittas Empire

a little more info for you

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Hello @A_picoypala,

I love that you’re focused on helping!

We need more EVE players just like this and hope you find a great place to work with. I do want to say that even though some entities are already created and organized, that we still need players that are willing to work at perfecting our existence. We are always adapting to both EVE changes as well as people one’s. If you ever want something more out of your EVE experience, come take a look at who and what WE are in space.

Hope to see you in space,

WHSOC Executive Council

We are a little bigger than what you are looking for, however we are very tight knit.

Come fly with us!

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