33.6 Mil SP Pilot Doji Reju

Looking to sell me


2 Remaps
1.4 Sec
No Kill rights
No Bounty
In High Sec

Looking for 29Bil or above for Buyout

25 b bo ,online now

prolly looking at 27b+

25.5 bil offer

29Bil or better

Looking for 29 Bil Buyout


27.5 b bo

Bump Ready to go with first 29Bil Offer

28 bo can send isk now

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I will accept your 28 Bil offer

Isk sent, evemail sent with account name to send to. Thank you!

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@Tulkas_Imlach Payment and acct info received, transfer initiated.

@Doji_Reju I received the email alerting me. Thank you and fly safe.

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@Tulkas_Imlach Eve email confirmed, Transfer started with 10 hr hold as per CCP. Thanks again Fly safe!

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