34M Skillpoint Caldari Pilot For Sale **SOLD**


*Positive Wallet Balance

*No Kill Rights

*2 Jump Clones Located in High Security Space

*Docked in High Security Space


Bonus Remap Available: NOW

Caldari Battleship 5

Command Ships 5

Heavy Assault Cruisers 5

Heavy Interdiction Cruisers 5

Recon Ships 5

Born 2007/3/17

30b Buyout Takes Me.

Fly Safe

Still for sale!

Back to the top!

Still for sale!

24 b b/o

I will accept 24b isk. I will begin the character transfer this evening if the isk is transferred to Jonas Grumbie. I will be available for the next 3 hours this evening or some time tomorrow. Please mail Jonas with the information needed for transfer.

Atm im on the road. Should be back in 2-3 hours. Than ill send the isk to this character and will send mail with further details

ISK send to Jonas Grumbie, Message with account details in youre inbox.

Character Transfer has been initiated.

Thank you and fly safe.

Recieved e-mail for the transfer, still havent recieved the char. 10 hours have passed now

It’s only been 9 hours.

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